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Kickboy Triple


Born on the Southside of Greensboro, North Carolina, Emanuel Alexander III (also known as "KickBoy Triple") began his career as an entertainer in the music industry at the age of 9 as a rap artist. Emanuel grew up in one of the toughest areas in his city around drugs and violence every day but his parents did their best to "shield" him. He used his surroundings to influence his style of music. During his musical career, Emanuel would go on to garner a fan base of over 20,000 over the Southern region of the U.S. 


In 2012, Emanuel launched his movement known at the time as "Kickboyz" which latergrew a massive following through music and became a record label. The label continued to grow its base around the south within the music business and gain a well-established fan base. Kickboyz Entertainment later grew into opening a recording studio in the south along with a film and production department within the label. After growing the foundation of the label, they began signing their first recording artist in 2020. The roster began with artists such as 6sur, Diamond Damu, 4EverG, and Roccy B, ranging genres from Rap to Pop. 

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