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Kickboy Prince

Vice President

Kenneth Tisdale was born in Southern California and is the founder & CEO of Affluent Global Ventures LLC, a first-generation venture capital firm founded in 2016. 


Before devoting his time to Affluent Global Ventures LLC, Kenneth pursued his degree at three institutes of higher learning including Saint Augustine’s College, Liberty University & Villanova University. In 2013 Kenneth decided to leave the life of full-time studies and embark on an entrepreneurial journey. 


During his journey, Kenneth was awarded the opportunity to work with some of the top business leaders in the work-from-home business space. Kenneth has worked with top sports attorneys, former Wall Street managers, and nine-figure earners on several business and marketing projects. “I can honestly say that if it was not for me joining the home-based business space, I would not have the knowledge or confidence I have today. One thing that I’ve gained was the knowledge and the relationships from those who were top earners yearly.”


Kenneth also has international business experience having worked and trained with several people in the likes of Dubai and the United Kingdom remotely. 


Kenneth joined Kickboyz Entertainment in 2018 as Vice President, with the task of creating the #1 entertainment label in the world. 

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