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Diamond Damu


         Diamond Damu, Born in Kings County Brooklyn NY,  was raised by her mother who had her at just 15 years old, and raised Damu as a single parent. Diamond stayed in a shelter in New York for a while as a kid until her mother moved down south to New Bern, North Carolina hoping for a better life. When she was 4 years old someone asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up and she said a rapper. "I always loved music and knew that was it for me, no plan B". Not seeing her father since she was 9 years old made her forget what he looked like encouraging her to figure out who she was. Diamond started catching charges and got caught up in the system at a young age. In 2020 through Roccy B, Diamond started recording at KB Studios & later was signed by Kickboyz Entertainment along with her close friends, Roccy B and 6Sur. These days Diamonds' focus is on the music. In 2021 she dropped my first video titled 'Right My Wrongs'. "I just want a Grammy".

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