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          Watched over by his mother and grandmother In Camden New Jersey, 6sur (Le’ssur Lee Dawson born in 2000) came from living in hotels and motels, in and out of homes and schools. Stayed with his aunt for 2 years and cousins for a long while. Never really had guidance, just his loved when giving him a place to eat and sleep, surviving. Stayed getting into petty fights throughout the years; his mother didn’t wanna see him struggle no longer so she sent him to live with his father in New Bern North Carolina at the age of 15. Le’ssur Watched his father abuse his mother throughout the years so he continues to stay distant from him. In 8th grade he was introduced to Khairi, which lead him to SSB, a family he always dreamed of. Struggling with school and not knowing what’s next to come, he started writing songs in his notebook from time to time, never would have dreamed to take it seriously. (Later started up his SoundCloud to drop songs from his phone) (graduated 2020), Le’ssur visits his grandmothers grave and promises to put his soul into the dream his loved ones helped him create. Sur would take his career much further after being discovered by Kickboy Triple in 2020 and signing a record deal with KickBoyz Entertainment

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